Welcome to Pennsylvania Law TV. Today we will be talking about motorcycle accidents and some important steps to take if you’ve been in such an accident. My guest is attorney Dave Miller and he is going to talk with us about this topic. So Dave thanks for being here today.

Dave: Thank you.

Dei:  What should I do immediately after a motorcycle accident?

Dave: The most important thing is to do a self-assessment. If you’re able to get in touch with 911 and get emergency responders there immediately. Adding the police respond, the fire department respond as well as any ambulance respond is crucial. Beyond that I would suggest to get in touch with your insurance company to open a claim. Many times the insurance company will be able to send out an outside adjuster to do a crash scene analysis, maybe get an investigator out there to take statements from witnesses. Motorcycle crashes can very often be complex crashes with different factors involved, whether it be weather conditions, road construction design, or a multiple vehicle crash. So it’s important to gather all that information as soon as possible and a call to your insurance company will allow them to do that but certainly the first call should be to get the emergency responders there to take care of you.

Dei: Okay and is it important to go to the ER?

Dave: It is if your injuries require you to. I would suggest given the fact that a motorcycle rider is exposed to more potential injuries especially head injuries, that they be checked out fully, and the responding EMS personnel will do an onsite assessment. But a full evaluation in an emergency room setting is highly recommended for any motorcycle rider involved in a crash.

Dei: Dave what kind of damages are available in a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawsuit?

Dave: The damages available are for any medical bills incurred, any wage loss incurred, any damage to the ability for that motorcycle rider to earn a living in the future. While they may be able to go back to work in some capacity, perhaps they can’t do the same job that they were doing. The difference between those two values is a loss that can be recovered in a lawsuit. In addition you have non-economic damages. These are what I like to call human damages. These are for pain and suffering, embarrassment if there is any scaring involved, really just the hassle of having to go through with the claim that was not that individuals fault.

Dei: And will it cost money to hire an attorney in Pennsylvania?

Dave: Most law firms and attorneys in Pennsylvania that handle these types of cases will do so on a contingent fee basis which means there is no outlying of money to retain the attorney, the attorney will do the work on the contingency that there is a successful recovery at the end, and that includes both the attorney’s fees and the expenses incurred on the file.

Dei: Dave if someone has specific questions about a motorcycle accident claim how can they reach your office?

Dave: They can reach us on the website at www.oconnorlaw.com and also by phone at 1800 518 4LAW.

Dei: Thanks for your time today.

Dave: You’re welcome.

Dei: Until next time this Dei Lynam for Pennsylvania Law TV.