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Understanding Autonomous Vehicles

(Transcript) Cindy Speaker:   Good afternoon. My name is Cindy Speaker, and I’m talking today with Dave Miller of Michael J. O’Connor & Associates, and we’re going to talk about a topic that’s going to make you feel like you’re in the Jetsons. It’s autonomous cars. Dave, thanks for being here today. Dave Miller:  Thanks for […]

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What is My Case Worth?

(Transcript) Cindy Speaker:  Welcome to our broadcast today. My name is Cindy Speaker. We’re really happy that you’re with us today, whether it’s live or by replay. I have with me today, attorney Valeen Hykes of Michael J. O’Connor & Associates. She’s an attorney, and she’s going to talk with us about a question that […]

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7 Common Mistakes in a Work Comp Claim

(Transcript) Cindy Speaker:  Good afternoon everyone, my name is Cindy Speaker and I have with me today workers’ compensation specialist, Debra Matherne OF Michael J. O’Connor & Associates. Debra Matherne:  Hi. Cindy Speaker: Hi, how are you doing? Debra Matherne:  Very well, thank you. Cindy Speaker:  Good, good. We did this … It was pretty […]

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Pro Injured Worker Legislation from the PA Supreme Court

(Transcript) Cindy Speaker:  Good afternoon and welcome to our broadcast on Facebook Live. My name is Cindy Speaker, and I have with me as my guest today Attorney Bill Kovalcik of Michael J. O’Connor and Associates. Bill is a workers’ compensation attorney, and he’s gonna talk with us about some recent legislation through the Pennsylvania […]

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